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Streameast UFC

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Watch UFC 294 on Streameast

On October 21st, the lightweight division’s future will be forged when champion Islam Makhachev and former titleholder Charles Oliveira clash again at UFC 294. Their first meeting at UFC 280 saw Makhachev claim gold via submission. Now Oliveira seeks redemption in this crucial rematch.

Makhachev realized his destiny by capturing the belt vacated by mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov. The Dagestani phenom pairs a stifling wrestling game with ever-improving striking. His blend of cold calculation and raw power has broken the will of recent opponents.

But Oliveira represents the champion’s greatest challenge yet. After years of inconsistency, “Do Bronx” recently put together an 11-fight win streak against elite competition. His offensive grappling and Muay Thai makes him one of MMA’s most lethal finishers.

Oliveira was undefeated for nearly three years before the stylistic puzzle of Makhachev proved too much at UFC 280. Being stripped of the title before losing only fuels his motivation for revenge. Meanwhile, Makhachev is determined to legitimize his reign by defeating Oliveira again emphatically.

This championship rematch is about more than just the belt. It’s a battle for divisional dominance between MMA’s premier submission artists. Oliveira’s crafty guard work versus Makhachev’s smothering control. A clash of styles that raises the stakes for lightweight glory.

Makhachev should implement a similar approach as their first meeting by closing distance and dragging Oliveira to the mat. His top control and ground striking stifled the Brazilian’s offense previously. Remaining heavy on Oliveira is Makhachev’s path to success.

Of course, Oliveira has five rounds to work and hunt for openings. He’s adept at capitalizing on the smallest opponent errors. Makhachev can’t afford any mental lapses or Oliveira will make him pay.

On the feet, Oliveira holds a significant edge with creative striking combinations. His leg kicks also present problems if Makhachev struggles to get inside. Oliveira must punish any lack of pressure while working to fend off takedowns.

No matter who wins at UFC 294, the lightweight division hangs in the balance. Makhachev could cement his reign as the Khabib-era successor. Or Oliveira gains redemption to reclaim his spot atop the division after just a brief absence.

A five-round chess match seems guaranteed with each man boasting paths to victory. Makhachev via relentless pressure and control time. Oliveira behind cunning submissions and calculated Muay Thai barrages.

But no matter how closely contested, only one man can leave UFC 294 with the championship belt. Oliveira seeks to fulfill his comeback story by regaining the throne. While Makhachev wants to honor his mentor’s legacy by securing sustained dominance.

The stakes are monumental for the UFC’s glamor division. A battle for more than just a shiny gold belt, but rather true lightweight supremacy.